What is “The Next Chapter”?

The Next Chapter is my personal project to help those like me: folks with multiple passions, searching for meaning in their job outside of the traditional career ladder. For people who want to push beyond a singular career and those that want a blended career that spans industries, disciplines, and goals. For people that don’t fit a label, and are looking to create one for themselves. 

My goal

My goal is to create a space where people get the real deal about what this path is like so it inspires others to keep going, or perhaps even share their journey with others. I want to push myself to be vulnerable and open, in hopes of connecting with other folks to make them feel less lonely, all while working on my own craft. 

About Me

 I’m Vinamrata, and I’ve worked in the tech industry as a product manager for ~7 years. It’s been a fascinating journey, filled with twists and turns that have taken me from Google to Thumbtack to two Series A startups to Match Group. Despite my progression through the tech career ladder, I always found something lacking. Thus began the journey to build a blended career incorporating these elements, rather than accepting a linear tech career. This project is one step, along with my path as a leadership and career coach.

Want to chat more?

If you’re struggling with similar questions and could use some additional support, feel free to book an initial coaching consultation with me. I’d love to figure out ways to help you :)

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Vinamrata Singal

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